Drive Continuous Improvement with Real-time Manufacturing Analytics

Smart Factory’s Analytics module is a powerful tool that provides easy and dynamic visibility of data to management, enabling control and analysis of key indicators in specific production sectors. With real-time factory Analytics, plant views, and machine details, all presented in graphical interfaces, this module equipped with Live Factory KPI Tracking capabilities makes it easy to monitor production performance metrics that help companies achieve their objectives.
Our Analytics module’s main purpose is to monitor KPIs, track data, and monitor status to help management make timely decisions, correct process deviations, and promote personal growth. Smart Factory  Analytics panel, with its visualization panels showing KPIs, is the perfect tool for companies looking to increase efficiency and optimize production processes.

Analytics Challenges

Are you facing issues with visibility of your production processes, managing inventory effectively, and controlling your machines? The Smart Factory Analytics module can help!
With our live factory operations Analytics feature, you can get real-time updates on the status of each machine, order progress, and process variables. This means you can quickly identify any issues and make timely decisions to ensure production is running smoothly.
Our real-time plant floor Analytics provide you with a visual representation of the actual location of raw materials and finished goods, allowing you to manage your inventory effectively. You can also use Smart Factory operations Analytics to optimize your production processes and minimize waste.
Analytics in Manufacturing

Analytics Benefits

The Analytics module offers a range of live factory operations monitoring tools that enable users to create custom Analytics that meet their specific needs. Users can select from a wide range of pre-built widgets to create personalized views of key metrics and real-time factory KPIs, such as production rates, inventory levels, and quality control metrics to monitor and analyze the performance of your production processes.

Analytics Facts


Power Up Your Production Processes With Smart Factory's Dynamic Analytics Module

The Analytics module offers customizable live operations Analytics and real-time factory analytics and insights into your key metrics, that enables you to monitor and analyze your production processes like never before.
Don’t let poor visibility, ineffective inventory management, and lack of machine control hold you back. Take advantage of the Smart Factory Analytics module today and transform your production processes.
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