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The food and beverage manufacturing industry plays a vital role in ensuring safe and quality food products. Manufacturers face challenges such as compliance regulations, consumer preferences, and the need to reduce waste while maintaining margins.
Today, food and beverage manufacturers face an increasingly competitive environment, driven by the growing demand for convenience food products and the need to reduce waste and maintain margins. Manufacturers must also contend with regulatory compliance challenges, such as food safety standards and recipe handling, making it difficult to manage operations effectively.
The Smart Factory helps manufacturers streamline their processes, increase productivity, reduce waste, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Industry Challenges


Micro Downtime Impact Identification

In the food and beverage industry, downtime can result in significant losses due to low margins and high demand. However, identifying inefficiencies and preventing downtime can be challenging due to the lack of data visibility for equipment performance. Manufacturers need to adopt new technologies that provide insights into equipment performance and help identify micro downtime impact to optimize efficiency and minimize downtime.
Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry
Food and Beverage Production

Throughput Capacity Limitations

Challenges in increasing throughput capacity, limit production and lead to missed sales opportunities. Manufacturers must find ways to adhere to scheduled quantities, avoid over-runs and under-runs of orders in packaging, and optimize production output to meet demand.
Food and Beverage Production

SOPs for Quality Optimization

Quality is critical in the food and beverage industry, and inconsistent quality and documentation errors can result in lost revenue and decreased customer trust. Manufacturers must integrate quality systems, improve document control, and increase batch efficiency and consistency to ensure consistent product quality.
Food Quality Management Software
Food Industry Software

Safety and Traceability

Product recalls, decreased customer trust, and reduced profitability are some of the consequences of equipment issues that affect quality, food safety, and yield. Traceability of products is vital to address these issues and prevent losses. Manufacturers need to adopt new technologies to ensure product traceability and optimize safety in the manufacturing process.
Food Industry Software

Smart Factory Solution

Improve Productivity and Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Improves productivity and reduces unplanned downtime by enabling real-time visibility of equipment health for quick problem resolution.

Optimize Product Quality

Optimizes product quality and output by integrating and analyzing production data to reduce batch variation, ingredient consumption, quality costs, and waste.

Eliminate vulnerabilities

Eliminates vulnerabilities in production lines and improves product quality and output by shifting from schedule-based to condition-based maintenance practices.

Streamline end-to-end Operations

Streamlines end-to-end operations, drives high-volume production, and reduces costs even when switching products between batches.

Meet Traceability

Meets traceability, data management, reporting, and continuous improvement needs with modernized technologies by enforcing standard operating procedures and tracking performance.

Reduce Costly Unplanned Downtime

Reduces costly unplanned downtime and maintenance costs by identifying potential faults or issues before they become a problem using predictive maintenance capabilities.

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