Overall Equipment Effectiveness Software

OEE Software: Increase Efficiency, Simplify Information and Gain Data Clarity


The Smart Factory MOM solution is an effective Overall Equipment Effectiveness software that helps your team to comprehend and enhance the production process. It enables you to find untapped potential in production activities and inspires production teams to optimize equipment use, reliability and quality.

With the Smart Factory MOM solution, you can track OEE and gain real-time visibility in production by connecting the devices, machines and sensors used across operations. With Smart Factory’s OEE monitoring system capabilities, you can:

Company OEE

OEE Software: From Efficiency Calculation to OEE Metrics

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is a key concept in continuous improvement efforts and a modern method of calculating efficiency based on the principles of Lean Manufacturing. OEE represents the total efficiency of an organizational level, incorporating metrics related to the three pillars of production: Performance, Quality and Availability.
OEE provides comprehensive, real-time efficiency assessments at all organizational levels. This allows for quick, easy and accessible information, leading to a complete, top-down system.

Use and Relevance of OEE


A modern OEE software should provide general and detailed visibility across an entire enterprise, facilitating efficiency improvements, decision making and creation of improvement plans. The OEE capabilities in the Smart Factory MOM solution meets this objective. It is an effective system of continuous improvement, adaptable to various production structures, providing the visibility necessary to achieve improvement objectives in an accelerated manner.

Smart Factory: Perfect Solution for Improvement,
Visualization and Calculation of OEE


OEE Dashboards: From Complex Data to Maximum Visualization


Analyzing OEE data can be complex due to overloaded information sources and levels of consultation required. However, Smart Factory’s OEE software provides improved analysis methods, including out-of-the-box graphics, OEE dashboards and customizable panels for visualizing production data. These features transform complex data into understandable graphics, allowing teams to focus on decision-making and improving daily processes.

Smart Factory OEE: Capture, Analyze and Improve

Smart Factory’s OEE capabilities enable you to achieve excellence, providing continuous improvement, equipment monitoring, real-time data analysis, facilitating decision making and rapid response. Some of the modules in Smart Factory MOM solution that help achieve these include:

Smart Factory OEE: Capture, Analyze, and Improve

Smart Factory’s OEE capabilities enable you to achieve excellence, providing continuous improvement, equipment monitoring, real-time data analysis, facilitating decision making and rapid response. Some of the modules in Smart Factory MOM solution that help achieve these include:

Continuous Improvement by Boosting Efficiency


Smart Factory’s modules focus on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to help improve processes and achieve operational excellence. Smart Factory offers automated production reports, including total OEE or its pillars (availability, performance and quality). Within Smart Factory, you can use out-of-the-box reports or create new ones to monitor, control and improve various aspects of your process.

These modules offer visibility into problems and areas for improvement, enabling quick and dynamic access to reports on stations, products, lines, or the entire company. By understanding how, when, why and what affects your current OEE level, you can plan to focus your efforts and address gaps effectively.

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Smart Factory Improves Three Pillars of OEE: Availability, Performance and Quality


Availability: From Monitoring to Full Control

Smart Factory specifically, provides portals and reports focused on availability, one of the pillars of OEE. These tools display information through customized dashboards and viewers, helping teams identify unplanned production stops, recurring problems and historical data. Improved visibility into production equipment status supports problem identification and resolution to achieve resource availability goals.

The availability component of OEE measurement in production compares planned time versus actual recorded production time. Smart Factory’s OEE tracking software capabilities allow for a comprehensive evaluation of available time through two criteria: defining planned available time and measuring actual productive time. This comparison enables staff to identify production resource availability issues and address opportunities for improvement.

Performance: From Real-Time Data to Performance Metrics

Within the integrated modules of the Smart Factory suite dedicated to performance, all the data related to performance is integrated and captured in real time directly from the production environment. Smart Factory’s modules comprehensively capture and consolidate critical performance metrics such as machine efficiency, cycle times and reasons for downtime, regardless of data being automated (coming from machine sensors) or manual (by digital reports from production staff).

Smart Factory leverages this data and enables plant personnel (top to bottom levels, including managers and operators) to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) systematically and comprehensively. Smart Factory modules, arranged and integrated for performance monitoring, provide continuous and automated monitoring of production performance digitally that can be consulted at any time and place, in general or detailed view.

Quality: From Tracking to Quality Control

Smart Factory MOM incorporates dynamic real-time data capture from the production floor. This enables tracking data into the operating method sheets (OMS) or receiving the information from the machines, ensuring automatic and continuous tracking of production and traceability, in a digitized manner. This further leads to ongoing and detailed monitoring of response, conditions and plant production information on a recurring basis, ensuring consistent attention to quality.

Why is Smart Factory MOM the Best OEE Software?

A Historical Aspect

Historical trends are beneficial when you aim to comprehend the meaning of your OEE score. Smart Factory’s OEE tracking capabilities make it simple to perform dimensional analysis, such as by part, team and shift, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your OEE data.

Historical OEE

Smart Factory Offers Powerful OEE Capabilities and Provides Following Advantages:

How Does OEE Impact Organizations?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) impacts the entire company at different levels, depending on complexity and industry. The common levels in OEE calculation are summarized in 3 impact levels:

Role of Smart Factory as OEE Software


Smart Factory consolidates the continuous generation and real-time traceability of data by not only receiving, managing and saving information automatically from connected machines through IIoT but also enables your team to perform relevant tasks and checks manually, ensuring compliance with validations and manual data recording.

This approach allows for full monitoring of process quality, enabling tracking, monitoring and control from start to finish, thereby achieving complete visibility and control to reduce waste in terms of time, materials and resources, while simultaneously recording, controlling and improving overall quality.

Smart Factory’s features such as historical analysis, real-time tracking, automatic data collection and root cause analysis, including the “shop floor view” help reduce unexpected downtime.

Smart Factory MOM enables your team to get more visibility of the production processes, visualize machine data through out-of-the-box analytics and monitor and analyze performance through custom OEE dashboards.

Smart Factory MOM continuously generates real-time machine data that can be fed into an OEE calculator to quickly and easily estimate your OEE, which is the factor of all three components – availability, performance and quality. Smart Factory’s incredible OEE software capabilities make it an ideal choice for all the users in a manufacturing organization.

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