Enhance Productivity with Workforce Management Solution

The Workforce Management module is designed to streamline the management and deployment of human capital in production processes, enabling you to optimize your workforce and improve overall efficiency.
With worker time management, employee self-service, and human resource management, you can easily manage your workforce’s capacity and schedule, track shifts and breaks, and manage worker qualifications and authorizations.
Our solution automates non-value-adding daily tasks, freeing up your team to focus on more important activities. The Workforce Management module helps you maximize the efficiency of your workforce and ensure that you are making the most of your human capital.

Workforce Management Challenges


Optimize Your Workforce with Real-Time Monitoring

Do you struggle with monitoring staff productivity in real-time? Our Workforce Management module provides real-time labor analytics and historical monitoring of staff work, enabling you to identify areas for improvement in the production process related to human resources management.
Workforce Management Software
Employee Attendance Management

Simplify Staff Scheduling

Is inefficient staff scheduling based on qualifications causing delays and impacting product quality? Our cloud-based Workforce Management module simplifies the employee shift scheduling process, making rapid changes and reassignments of staff easy and efficient.
Employee Attendance Management

Ensure Accurate Time and Attendance Tracking

Are you experiencing inaccurate time and attendance tracking, leading to reduced efficiency and inaccurate pay and attendance reports? Our Workforce Management module offers complete and effective control of staff, ensuring accurate employee attendance management and tracking as well as employee productivity tracking.
Workforce Management Scheduling Software

Workforce Management Benefits

The Workforce Management module allows for comprehensive management of various aspects related to the workforce, such as attendance, scheduling, and performance. Our cutting-edge employee performance tracking feature empowers managers to plan and allocate resources effectively, ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time.

Workforce Management Facts

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Promote Production Workforce Optimization with Smart Factory’s Workforce Management Module

Maximize the potential of your workforce and streamline your production process with Smart Factory’s Workforce Management module. It offers complete control over employee records, employee absence and leave management, scheduling, performance tracking, and more.
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