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Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma In MOM

Are you wrestling in today’s competitive landscape where manufacturing has become a demanding task? Do challenges like inconsistent product quality in your manufacturing business take a toll on you? Does maintaining efficiencies and controlling the increased production costs feel like a tiring tug of war?
Well, the market is dynamic, technologies are evolving, and customers keep looking for something better. As a manufacturer, you may find these issues challenging, but, what if there was a way to help your business improve and optimize?
Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma are seamlessly integrated into Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) to address key issues in the manufacturing process. Let’s learn how their practical applications can help you minimize waste, enhance product quality, have a quicker disposal rate, and much more.

A Glimpse into Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is about adopting a systematic approach that eliminates waste and optimizes processes. It helps in reducing manufacturing costs and increasing output efficiency, but it also creates greater value for customers. The fundamental magical mantra here is “doing more with less”.
MOM can identify and eliminate non-value-added production activities. It can help you attain smoother workflows and enhance productivity with lean manufacturing strategies built in.

A Glimpse Into Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a comprehensive methodology that uses data to identify and reduce defects in manufacturing and operational processes. The most fruitful approach is DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), used to analyze the involved processes systematically, churn out the causes of defects, and implement improvements.
A Glimpse Into Six Sigma

The Significance of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma in MOM

Implementing these strategic solutions can help your manufacturing business gain the following benefits:

Waste Minimization: Both lean manufacturing and Six Sigma help reduce waste and costs. A MOM system can help you eliminate eight crucial forms of waste including transport, inventory, motion, waiting, overproduction, over processing, defects, and underutilized skills.

  • Quality Improvement: Embracing these techniques will infuse quality in your products to meet or even exceed customer expectations. This will enhance your customer satisfaction and company’s reputation. With MOM, you can achieve a sigma level of 6, equating to only 3.4 defects per million.
  • Continuous Adaptation: The market trends and needs keep changing and only those businesses will succeed that can keep pace with such dynamics. Again, both these concepts are based on improvements, especially in changing scenarios. As MOM operations continue to evolve, adapt to changing markets with our expertise.
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Understanding the Terminology

Below is the terminology frequently used for a MOM system as it relates to Six Sigma and lean manufacturing.
Six Sigma usually mentions DMAIC which is the acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. Here’s how you can understand it better:


Clearly define crucial aspects such as the problem, goals, scope, key stakeholders, and other relevant input.



Collect data and create relevant baseline performance metrics. This helps quantify the ongoing situation and identify the scope for improvement.



Analyzing the collected data determines the root causes of defects, poor quality, inefficiencies, etc. Tools like Pareto charts and more can help here



Upon analysis and knowing improvement areas, develop solutions to uproot problems. Implement and evaluate the effectiveness of necessary fine-tuning.



Things change which require a keen control mechanism to modify processes. Always monitor systems to prevent the recurrence of defects using KPIs.

Another much-used and imperative term to understand would be DPMO. When it comes to ascertaining the quality and reliability of a process through Six Sigma and lean manufacturing, DPMO is usually calculated which refers to Defects Per Million Opportunities.
Here is a look into what each Sigma level implies with regard to DPMO:
A Glimpse Into Six Sigma
Use of a MOM system can help you catapult to level 6, the highest Sigma level with an accuracy rate as close as 99.9997%.

Smart Factory’s MOM Solution and its Capabilities

In the realm of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), practicing lean manufacturing and Six Sigma has become nothing less than a mandate. Here is some information on Smart Factory’s MOM solution and its capabilities.
  • Resource Optimization:With our Remote Monitoring and Control system, you can optimize resources, including raw materials, manpower, and machinery. It offers cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved resource efficiency.
  • Effective Decisions: The Smart Factory MOM system uses real-time data that provides valuable insights to make informed decisions, plan strategically, and execute effectively. With accurate data at your fingertips, it’s easy to respond more quickly and precisely.
  • Risk Mitigation: Only those who can foresee risks and act accordingly will emerge as winners in this competitive industry. Our advanced MOM solution identifies and mitigates risks associated with manufacturing processes to minimize costly disruptions and product recalls.
  • Customer-Centric: We understand that each company’s manufacturing units have unique needs. Our Smart Factory MOM solution is customer-centric and designed by experts in the manufacturing. We prioritize customer satisfaction and align our techniques with your manufacturing processes.
  • Sustainability-driven: Environmental awareness and the desire for sustainable practices has increased. Our team focuses on offering lean manufacturing and Six Sigma capabilities that help to reduce waste, conserve energy, and reduce harmful emissions.
The Smart Factory MOM system can help you stay innovative to gain a competitive advantage in a competitive marketplace. Explore more about how our lean manufacturing and Six Sigma functionality can help you gain manufacturing excellence.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you implement, train, and maintain the Smart Factory MOM solution and count on us to help you overcome any hurdles along the way.